When to book your wedding car

By Inga Bray on January 18, 2016

Like most elements of a wedding, knowing how to approach your wedding transport is often something that has not been considered before and something you have no experience of. Bridal Magazines will tell you that 9 months is the key time for organising your wedding car, then you go to book it and find the car you wanted is no longer available!

I would always recommend that, as soon as you have you wedding venue booked, organise your car. Any good car company will be happy to pencil you in initially and will then come back to you once they start getting booked up for that time and ask for a deposit.

There is, however, a limit to how far in advance you can book. Wedding cars in a company’s fleet can change so they will only be able to commit so far ahead. As a rule of thumb, it is unlikely that you will be able to book more than 18 months ahead.

The other factor that can be key, is if you are looking for a very specific make and model of car. Weddings in Shropshire and North Wales may have a more limited offer of available cars compared to a large city, as there are fewer companies around and less demand for more alternative styles of car. You may find that a Vintage car or particular model can be brought in using a transporter and then used for your wedding; but there will be a considerable additional cost for this service.

If there is a particular car you are interested in, get you name down against it as soon as you can and beat the crowds!