Showing off beautiful Britain to the overseas visitors

By Stuart Bray on August 23, 2014

Newport provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding of Tom & Lizzie, who had jetted in from China. Guests from all over the world turned out in their finery as both families had foreign connections.

Tom, a former Newport Grammar School pupil, was back in the fabulous grounds of his boarding house, but this time with his beautiful, soon to be new wife. Yes, as an American, they broke with British traditions as bride and groom met up prior to the wedding for photographs here. After a quick pep talk from his old housemaster he was more than ready for the day ahead!

Adopting a great twist on the idea of confetti, the couple were flanked by a line up of pink and blue ribbons. Following the lovely Church wedding at Edgmond it was back to the Grooms family home to a delightful marquee in the garden.

I hope our fabulous early British summer and the beautiful location has wowed all the overseas visitors; it has certainly impressed us!