Time to book those final elements of your 2015 wedding..

Which wedding suppliers do you still need?

By Inga Bray on February 3, 2015

Before the 1st of January your wedding in 2015 seems so far away; then suddenly the year changes and you realise you have just a matter of months to finalise all those last elements of your wedding day. I think Brides are very much split in to 2 camps – the brides who have the whole event organised within a month of the engagement and can then sit back and relax, and the brides who organise date and venue, then sit back and relax!

If you are the organised type I’m sure you have very little to worry about at this stage, but if you are a relaxed, it’ll all work itself out kind of a bride, the time has come to take a bit of control, before disappointment looms in a few months time. Many wedding suppliers will still have availability for this year, but some may no longer have that date you need. If that’s the case, don’t worry, but don’t just give up and have another coffee; you need to be contacting the next one on your list.

We are still very much in wedding fair┬áseason, so that’s a great place to start. If it’s a good fair and you go in focused, you could get most things sorted for the sake of a couple of hours work. There are lots of wedding fairs around though, so chose a bigger event or do a couple of smaller ones in one day. If you find just what you want get it booked but if you’re not happy with that, you don’t need to commit to anyone on the day at the fair, but go home, talk it through, make your plans and get back in contact asap on the Monday morning, before anyone else beats you to it.

The big wedding search engines can be helpful for finding suppliers too, although, sometimes your smaller, more local ones, like can be more useful, focusing on suppliers in your local area.

So pull out pen and paper, switch on the kettle, sit yourself down and work out what you still need to do. I promise you, you will feel so much more relaxed when you have. Happy Planning!!