Multi Car Weddings

By Inga Bray on October 2, 2015

How many cars do you need for your wedding day is a question I am asked frequently. As with all elements of your wedding, it comes down to individual choices, budget constraints or otherwise and what options are available to you. So here’s just a quick guide:

  • If you have lots of Bridesmaids to organise and want to ensure Mum is looked after too, then a car for them is great. They can then all arrive together, ahead of time, ready to greet you.
  • The Bridal Car is generally used for Bride and whoever is giving you away, and the afterwards, Bride and Groom, for the journey to your reception. If you are having everything in one venue, arrive in style and then go for a short drive afterwards, just to enjoy a few minutes together – they will be the last time to you are alone together until the end of the evening!
  • If the Groomsmen need or would like a car, this can be a separate vehicle or you can double up journeys with the Bridesmaids car or even the Bridal car.
  • If you are going less than 5 minutes down the road and the budget is tight, do Bridesmaids 1st, then Bridal Car second. We don’t charge any extra for that, so it adds to the value for money.
  • The Bridal Party arriving in style is the priority for others, and we have done up to 5 cars for one wedding; ensuring both sides of the family, all Bridesmaids and all Groomsmen are gracefully delivered. Once you go above 2 cars, expect good discounts for additional cars – you may be surprised what a great spectacle you can create for not much more in the budget!
  • If you are looking at 2 or more wedding cars, remember to book early, so that you ensure your full choice of cars.
  • Whether you are looking at a Church wedding or a Civil ceremony, a wedding car all beautifully ribboned, with a uniformed chauffeur to look after you, is a great addition to your wedding day, so think about having that extra element to your day before just thinking about the practicals….