Arrive at your prom in Style

Stepping out of a beautiful car on to a red carpet, wearing a beautiful dress or a smart suit is the ultimate head turner.

By Inga Bray on June 4, 2014

The end of term used to signal the height of the social school calendar: the dreaded annual disco. The cheesy music, tuck shop and neon disco lights beckoned in the school hall, only to be suddenly ended by your parents waiting outside at some ludicrously early time in the evening. But in the last decade, the American rite of passage, “the school prom”, complete with all the trimmings, has become just as much of our tradition as theirs, replacing its timid, and quite frankly rather dull, “school disco” predecessor.

You grew up watching prom in High School Musical, Glee made it cool again, and since My Super Sweet Sixteen parties had never really been the same. This is the end of school, exams, and, to some extent, your childhood; a fact that definitely needs to be celebrated.

It’s not all fun and games, though. Some people take it really rather seriously. The days/weeks/months of dress searching, fake tanning and hairstyling all in a desperate bid to glamourize yourself in a hunger-games of the fashion world can get a bit overwhelming at times. There are only so many types of dress that you think can outdress Snotty-Amy, your arch-rival since year 9, without calling the fashion police. And without knowing it, everyone starts to look the same.

But where you have a chance to excel, and really make an impression, is the transport to the venue. From helicopters to motorbikes, bicycles to rollerblades, students of days past have tried and failed in a bid to outdo one another. Limos are childs-play, everyone has Hummers, even the kids with the double-decker bus who tried to be original have, quite honestly, failed. What’s left? Every girl dreams of her wedding day, that’s a fact. Here at Silverline Cars, not only do we cater for actual weddings, but the same cars can be hired out for your prom too! Look, and feel, like a princess in the range of limousines and landaulets we have on offer. There’s a whole range of styles, and each has their own name-trust me, no one else will have that!

Cinderella had her carriage, why can’t you?