As part of your wedding car experience, we are pleased to offer options that allow you to add a personal touch to the cars, in order to make them feel that little bit more special on your wedding day. Personalisation is an inclusive part of the service we offer, so take advantage and let us know how we can prepare the cars just to your taste.

You can do this at any stage, so don’t worry if you are not ready for this part when you make your initial booking.

Choosing your Ribbon and Bows.

These are made up from our extensive range of available ribbon colours. Take a look at our ‘Standard Colour Palette’ and let us know your preference. If we can’t match your colour scheme closely enough from our stock range, we are more than happy for you to provide the ribbon to dress the cars.
Most couples choose to combine a classic white ribbon on the front with a mix of white and then their own colour scheme as bows for the car doors; but that’s entirely up to you.



Our car interiors are opulent and cavernous, with all the extras you would expect – attractive silk flowers, champagne bucket and huge leather seats as comfortable as any well loved armchair. If you would like to add a few extra touches we can offer you just a little more. With a range of co-ordinating cushions and throws you really can be transported in comfort and style. Have a look through our Fabric/Interiors Selection and see what appeals.


Musical Selection

Music is a very personal thing, and for some, a very important addition to their special day. We’re happy to tailor the music in your car to your specific musical tastes. Whether it’s Vivaldi on the way to the ceremony with dad, or Metalica with your new husband/wife on the way to the reception (or even vice versa!), we’re more than happy to accommodate. Either let us know the specifics or the genre of music you prefer and leave it up to us; the choice is yours.

Budgeted Payments

Managing a wedding budget is one of biggest causes of stress for many couples. To help with this part, we offer couples a payment schedule that will help spread the cost of the wedding car hire over the months leading up to your big day. We will calculate a regular payment figure, based on the remaining number of months between when you book and your wedding day. You can then set up a standing order to cover the regular monthly cost, knowing that you will have completed all outstanding payments by the final payment date.
This service is free of charge, not subject to any credit checks and does not incur any additional interest payments.