Confetti Cloud

Here at Silverline Cars we are very proud to be the home of the fantastic Confetti Cloud™.

The affect on both couples and guests alike as 50,000 pieces of biodegradable confetti shoot up into the air, then float gently to the ground is a wonderful sight to witness, not to mention a fabulous moment to capture for both photographs and videos.

Typically, the Confetti Cloud™ follows the end of the service, and provides a great way to move smoothly from the ‘serious’ marriage ceremony to the ‘celebrations’ that follow. The Confetti Cloud™ is often organised as a surprise for the guests, and sometimes even for either the Bride or Groom as well! This adds fun and excitement as guests are quite amazed to see confetti shooting from the back of a classic car. Not what people are expecting at all!

Silverline Cars Confetti Cloud Video

The Confetti Cloud™ can be booked either at the same time as your car or at a later date closer to your wedding day. We can offer the Cloud in the following cars – Clara, Sophie, Grace and Alice. The service can be provided as a stand alone item or as part of one of our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages, found in ‘Little Extras’. With the addition of a personalised number plate this really does turn your wedding car ride into a great spectacle, full of fun and surprise for all the wedding party.

A selection of colour options allows for differing effects from the Confetti Cloud™. Multi coloured creates a fun, carnival feel, while classic white creates sophisticated co-ordination, and even provides an alternative to snow at our winter weddings!